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tribute to tickle 2

Mixed by DJ Denise

Recorded on March 26, 2002


Thomas Trouble's "Tickle 2" (August 29, 1998) was the first event I ever played at. I had only been practicing for about 2 weeks when I was thrown into this situation! I didn't even have enough of my own records at the time to play a full set, so Thomas helped me put together a set using only Eve records. (I accidentally left those records at the venue after the show - hey, I wasn't used to bringing records with me to a party! Luckily for me, Thomas was very cool about it).

Anyway, I thought it'd be a neat idea to recreate the set that I played at Tickle 2 and make it available as a free downloadable MP3. Even though I lost all the records that I used at the event, I started collecting Eves after the event and therefore had the proper records to record this - except for one: Eve 3, which thankfully my friend Sean N. had & lent to me! Thanks very much, Sean!

I've kept the original scrap of paper on which Thomas helped me arrange the first two records of my set. Click on the image below to see it! (The first 2 tracks are in Thomas' handwriting, after that I took over and finished the programming).

Sure, it looks messy, but I rewrote it neatly on a new piece of paper and brought that with me to Tickle 2. I referred to it religiously during my set!

This recording follows the exact programming that I originally created for my set at Tickle 2, right down to where I dropped in the next vinyl record. I've followed the above scrap of paper to a tee in this recreation. Therefore, as a- ahem, little disclaimer, I should warn you that there are a few mixes where things sound a bit unrefined. If I could change some parts, I would, but for the sake of giving you an idea of what my first set ever sounded like, I've left it as is. (The mixing is probably way better than it was back then as well, seeing that I made this recording about 3 1/2 years later!)


Track List

All tracks are written and produced by Eve founder Pablo Gargano. They are untitled and only identified by the number of the release.

1. Eve 13, label side, track 1
2. Eve 16, logo side 
3. Eve 11, logo side 
4. Eve 16, label side, track 2
5. Eve 3, logo side
6. Eve 15, label side
7. Eve 11, label side

Actual photo of me playing my debut set at Tickle 2 at Maritime Hall in San Francisco, CA in 1998.  Looking confused AF.