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DJ Denise at San Francisco Pride 2015.  Photo credit:  David Law 

DJ Denise at San Francisco Pride 2015.  Photo credit:  David Law 

DJ Denise is no stranger to electronic music. From her meteoric rise in the San Francisco underground scene in the late-1990s under the guise DJ D, to now in her 20th year of DJing, Denise has played thousands of events and at most venues in San Francisco. She has traveled from Miami to Hawaii and everywhere in between, spreading her unique energy and style. Her nonchalant fader flicks and mixer tricks combined with seemingly effortless beatmatching skills are intriguing to many trainspotting fans. 

Denise also runs Mizumo Music, a quality label for house music. This Bay Area label boasts over 160 releases from local and international artists alike. Her music productions have been licensed by well-respected artists and labels including Ministry of Sound, DJ Shortee, Simply Jeff and Epiphyte Record’s “LovEvolution,” the official 2009 CD for San Francisco’s street festival modeled after Germany’s infamous Love Parade.

In 2013, Denise was hand-picked by Insomniac's Discovery Project to perform at Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas, one of the largest festivals in the U.S.  Despite her lengthy curriculum vitae, her favorite annual gig remains in the heart of San Francisco during Pride, where both old and new friends unite for an afternoon of dancing under the sun. When she's not DJing, you can find Denise working at an Emergency Department in Oakland, CA.  It is evident that her mission in life is to save lives, both on and off the dance floor.