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marc johnson and DJ Denise - "hard dance sessions" Volume 2


Mixed by Marc Johnson and DJ Denise 

Disc 1 Recorded April 2006
Disc 2 Recorded June 2006 

Official Release Date: August 11, 2006 

Hard Dance Sessions Volume Two is the follow-up to DJ Denise's first officially licensed and authorized CD made in collaboration with Tripoli Trax, one of the most respected labels in hard dance. Jumping on board this time is FlashPoint Records' main man, Marc Johnson. He brings nothing but the latest and greatest in hard house production, featuring unreleased tracks by Dynamic Intervention, Munkjack, Bass Graffiti, and of course, from Marc Johnson himself! 

Hard Dance Sessions V.2 is harder and faster than its original predecessor. If you're serious about your beats, then this is the compilation for you. 

Pre-order your copy now exclusively through the DJ Denise Shop page! Orders will be shipped the week of August 7, 2006. 

Check out the home of the legendary label Tripoli Trax at 

Track Listing 

Disc One: Mixed By Marc Johnson 

01. Richard Toomz + Dave Owens "Margherita" (Toolbox)
02. F1 "Alright" Dave Owens RMX (Toolbox)
03. Marc Johnson + Paul King "Power Of The Sun" Munkjack RMX (FlashPoint)
04. Marc Johnson + James Nardi "Can You Feel It?" (FlashPoint)
05. Munkjack "600 minutes" (Hammer Heads)
06. Marc Johnson + Richard Toomz "Escapology" (Flashpoint)
07. Marc Johnson "Hoof" (Toolbox)
08. OD404 "Block Party" Marc Johnson RMX (Tripoli)
09. DJ Ziad "4 To The Floor" Marc Johnson RMX (Tripoli)
10. Bass Graffiti "Implant" Marc Johnson RMX (Tripoli)
11. Marc Johnson + Munkjack "Play Time" (FlashPoint)
12. Marc Johnson "Universal Doubt 2006" (FlashPoint)
13. OD404 "Biofilter" Marc Johnson + Dynamic Intervention RMX (FlashPoint)
14. Munkjack "Hot Tamale" (Hammer Heads) 

Disc Two: Mixed by DJ Denise 

1. OD404 "Block Party" (Tripoli)
2. Base Graffiti "Spray Can" (Tripoli)
3. Marc Johnson + DMF "Pandemonium" (Tripoli)
4. Ali Wilson + Snake "Mean Little Bastard" (Tripoli)
5. Dave Parkinson "Hold On" (Tripoli)
6. OD404 "Rubberised" Justin Bourne + Dynamic Intervention Remix (Tripoli)
7. Champion Burns "Emergency" OD404 Remix (Tripoli)
8. Aftermath "Let Me Tell You Something" Marc Johnson Remix (Tripoli)
9. Knuckleheadz and Dynamic Intervention "Control" (Tripoli)
10. Wardman + Fisher "Reloaded" (Tripoli)
11. Ben Stevens + Sam Townend "Underground Funk" (Tripoli)
12. Alex Calver + Sam Townend "Shake It" (Tripoli)
13. Wardman + Fisher "Things People Say" (Tripoli)
14. Zero B "Lock Up" Alex Calver Remix (Tripoli)