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steve hill and DJ Denise - "hard dance sessions" Volume 1


Mixed by Steve Hill and DJ Denise 

Disc 1 Recorded July 2003
Disc 2 Recorded August 2003 

Officially released November 8, 2003 

Hard Dance Sessions V.1 is DJ Denise's first officially licensed and authorized CD made in collaboration with two of the most respected labels in hard dance: Tripoli Trax and Y2K Records, as well as with one of the most beloved DJ/producers in the UK circuit: Steve Hill. This fantastic double CD has sold over 500 copies internationally and has been featured as a best-seller on hard dance specialty site Banging Tunes. See what the hype is about by ordering your copy through the Shop page. You won't find a better deal for it anywhere else! 

Check out the home of the legendary labels Tripoli Trax and Y2K at 

Track Listing 

Disc One: Hard House Mix by DJ Denise 

1. Knuckleheadz "You Can Feel It"
2. Steve Thomas "They Came in Peace"
3. Steve Thomas "I Am"
4. Mark Kavanagh "Make You Wanna?"
5. Phlash! vs. Base Graffiti "Mind, Body & Soul"
6. DJ Ziad "4 to the Floor"
7. OD404 "Let Me Tell You Something" Steve Thomas remix
8. Base Graffiti "If You Have It" 2002 remix
9. Phlash! featuring Steve Hill "Get A Life [Frantic Theme]" Andy Farley mix
10. Steve Hill "Wicked 2003" Kumara remix
11. Yukan Project "It Starts Hard Again" Knuckleheadz mix
12. F1 "Recoil" Paul Glazby mix
13. Steve Blake & Phil Reynolds "Phase 2" Nick Sentience mix
14. Neon Lights "You're Not Alone" Mr. Bishi mix
15. Mr. Bishi "Throw Your Hands [In the Air]" Lee Haslam mix 

Disc Two: Hard Trance Mix by Steve Hill 

1. JFK "Whiplash" Bad Habit Boys Mix
2. Kinetica "Let Go" Original Mix
3. JFK "Good God" Warp Brothers Mix
4. Steve Hill vs Stealth "Looking Back" Beat Renegades Mix
5. Steve Blake "I Get A Rush" K90 Mix
6. Taskforce "Touch Me" Thrillseekers Mix
7. Neon Lights "Bullet In The Gun" Guyver Mix
8. Steve Hill "Wicked 2003"
9. DJ Meister "Can You Feel It" Steve Hill Code Mix
10. Prime Mover "Feel What I Feel"
11. Shark Boy vs Steve Hill "Touch Me" Vox Mix
12. Grinder "Runaway" Original Mix
13. Rob Tissera "Burning" Guyver Mix
14. Mr. Bishi "I Need Your Loving" Lee Pasch Mix
15. Steve Hill "My Lovin'" Guyver Mix